Petroglyph Valley is a unique point-of-interest, located nearby on a local working cattle ranch. Don will drive you and your party about 20 minutes south of our property, where he has exclusive access onto the ranch. The private tour includes both hiking and a fascinating bit of history. (This is not your common tourist destination, as it is not open to the general public.)
Arriving at the site, you will see an abundance of ancient petroglyphs carved into the stunning rock cliff formations. Many of the carvings predate the arrival of any white explorers or settlers. You’ll also hike to a location where Native American Indians (Yavapai and Apache) crafted pottery pieces by hand, remnants of which still litter the canyon floor.
Also included is a moderate trek up onto a small mountain where you will see ancient stone ruins, some old abandoned ranch buildings and the popular, Musical Rocks. This incredible vantage point provides a panoramic view of the surrounding area.
As your guide, Don will give a running commentary on the history of the area. With any luck, you may see wild animals such as deer, elk, javelina, coyotes, antelope or wild burro on your journey!
The tour takes approximately 4 – 4.5 hours. The price for 2 persons is $150 (CASH ONLY, please).
Guests are expected to bring their own snacks and drinks.
This activity has been very popular with our travelers and a bonus highlight for many who’ve stayed with us!